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We have made the ordering process easy.

Step 1 - PLACE YOUR ORDER • Choose your portrait / photo style for your animal, human (s), houses, etc. We have different styles so you can choose the one that suits you. • Add to cart and place your order.

STEP 2 - SEND YOUR PHOTO OR PHOTOS When you have ordered you will automatically receive an order confirmation to your email, please also check your spam box! Your order number is stated on this order confirmation. Stating your order number and name, send your photo or several photos to

STEP 3 - CREATION YOUR PHOTO ARTWORK • Our expert designers create your personalized portraits with care and attention. • We use proprietary design techniques, transformative photo editing and to produce your artwork. We are a digital design team.

STEP 4 - SEND • We turn your artwork into High Resolution Files in a JPG and PNG file with a very high resolution of 500DPI! • We send your digital artwork to your email address (also check your spam box) • If you have also ordered a print, we will do a final quality check and carefully package your order and offer it to Postnl.


PHOTO GUIDELINES - PHOTO TIPS FROM US! Eye level: For example, take a photo of your pet or other object at eye level. Bend down while taking pictures Close-up: Try to take a close-up so that we can see the unique details of your pet or other object, except of course when photographing houses, landscapes, etc. Eye contact: It works from both sides when the pet or person, for example, is looking at the camera or looking away from the camera Pose: Take a photo when your pet or person is sitting or standing upright and not lying down Light: Natural daylight outdoors always produces the best photos. The most important thing is to avoid poor lighting and body shadows on your pet or person. Try to avoid bad lighting! Crop: Upload an uncropped photo where no body parts are out of the photo Low resolution: avoid blurry photos, screenshots and downloaded photos from social media, try to forward high resolution photos to us! Do not upload blurry photos! Make sure no ears are out of the frame!


In short, we want all photos to be clear enough so that we can zoom in on the finer details of the face, especially the eyes, nose and mouth. If these areas are blurry or grainy, it will be difficult for us to create a realistic portrait. * You choose and order the style as indicated on our webshop, color deviations can always occur as we digitally edit the photo. We are digital artists and execute the style you have ordered to deliver you the best possible end product according to the principle: "What You See Is What You Get". ** Please note we will use the exact photo you upload with your order during our design process. So make sure that the angle works well with your chosen portrait template, that the coat color is real, and that you are generally happy with the photo you upload. We try to stick to any comments added to orders, but cannot guarantee this. E.g. indeed we can remove red eyes, but we cannot open your pet's mouth if it is closed in the picture. *** If we receive a photo that does not meet our guidelines, we cannot guarantee that the final edit will come out the way you want it to. We cannot offer replacements in these cases, so please take the time to take a good photo. All examples on the site are made from high quality photos. It is your responsibility to ensure that the photo you provide meets our guidelines. If not, we will do our best to produce a high level finish.